Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to make a Bling Flourish "Jean's Art Dolls" (JADS)

Step One:
Using an acrylic sheet, cut out your flourish of choice using a cutting machine or die cut machine. I used the Pazzle Expression.

Step Two
Remove the acrylic cut out and place on a non-stick surface. I find placing the cutout on wax paper works very well.

Step Three
Squeeze a small amount of Tacky glue in a container and using a wood skewer begin placing the rhinestones on the acrylic cutout. Place the glue using the skewer on the cutout, not on the rhinestones. Continue using the cutout as a guide to follow along with the rhinestones until the entire cutout is covered. I like to create a pattern using small and medium sized rhinestone. I use four small rhinestones then add one medium size. Continue with this pattern throughout the entire flourish.
Step Four
Let the piece completely dry before lifting off the wax paper. Once dry you lift your bling flourish off the wax paper!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sue! What keeps the flourish together when you lift it from the wax paper? I'm assuming it is the tacky glue? Is this sturdy enough?

    Thanks so much Sue, love your blog