Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to make folded paper flower " Jeans' Art Dolls"

Step One:
For this project I used my Pazzle. Use could also use a Cricut machine or a circle punch. If you do not have a punch of cutting machine, use a small circle object, such as a cup or a spool of thread, to trace circles onto the back of double sided decorative paper scraps. The size of the circle is approximately the size that your finished flower will be. You need approximately six circles for each flower.
Step Two:
Pick up one circle and fold it in half, make sure the fold is crisp and clean. I use a bone folder, but any object like a spoon will work. If you are using single sided paper the decorative side shows on the outside of the fold.

Step Three:
Fold the circle in half again so the paper looks like a piece of pie. Repeat this for the other three circles.

You should have four pieces of pie that looks like this

Step Four
Begin to glue down the (pies shapes) make sure to glue the pieces together at their points. Overlap one side slightly so the petals fan out.

Step Five
Repeat Step 3, adding one petal (pies shape) at a time around the center point in a spiral pattern, until all the petals come together to make a circular shape. The folded part of the paper should lift up slightly from the base of the shape.

Step Six
Lift the top layer of each pie shape that you glued down and begin folding the top layer toward the middle of the flower.  Repeat this on all four sections.
Step Seven
After you have completed folding all the tops layers in begin by lifting each section and glue to your base.

Step Eight
Pierce the middle of the flower and place a brad through the center of the flower. This will resemble the center of your flower. Ink the edges of the paper.

Final result

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