Sunday, May 9, 2010

Easy Pretty Tissue Paper Flowers

Here is a tutorial for making tissue paper flowers. Not the tissue paper flowers we all made in elementary school. The flowers are really easy to make and end with a pretty result. The flowers are cheap and most likely you have all the supplies in your stash.
Supplies Needed
Floral Wire
Tissue Paper
Floral Tape
Ink Pad
11/2 inch styroform ball
Artifical stamens
Step 1
Attach 6-12 artifical stemens to a single piece of wire by
wrapping them around the wire with green floral wire.

Step 2
Cut five 4 by 2 inch pieces of tissue paper.

Step 3
To make the petal, wrap tissue paper 3/4 around a
1 1/2-inch craft styrofoam ball. Once you have wrapped
the tissue paper 3/4 of the way around the styrofoam ball,
twist both ends of the paper and remove the ball.

Step 4
Now, attach one end of the twists on the petal to the
base of the stamen with floral tape. Continue to add one
petal at a time until all five petals are attached to the
stemen and wire.

Step 5
Trim the pointed ends on the flower and gently pull petals
away from center. Arrange until you have the flower to
your liking. Gently add ink to the flower to achieve a more
3-D looking flower.

 Final Result
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Off to make flowers

Since I did not get to scrapbook today, I am off to make some flowers for my LO for Sunday. I will try and post a tutorial for the flowers.

"My Heart"

This is a gift for my friend. Her son turns six month this month. He is so precious that he makes my heart melt. Here is another boy layout and another struggle. This is based from my“Sketch 031310”. I am still working on putting a dent in my stash of SB supplies.

" All Girl"

This is another LO of little Violet. For all who do not know, Violet has been fighting a brain tumor for over a year. She had been an angel though it all. She never complains, she always smiles and continues to make us all laugh. She just wants to return to her normal daily rountine of being all girl. Violet plays with neighbor children and rides her bike in a dress and three inch heels. I believe she was born with heels on. The journaling reads:
" She is gentle. She is wild. She's a
riddle, she's a child. She's a headache,
She's an angel. She's an Girl.

"Dark Lady"and "Savor" Burnt Glue and Candle technique

Here are a couple examples eith close-ups of this technique

This is a old techinque I used many year's ago. I am getting burned out of doing just plain paper layouts and need to try something creative and different. This is glue burning technique and candle wax. I started with a sheet of tissue paper. Applied tacky glue to the tissue paper and smeared over the surface. I next placed the glue over a candle over close and let the glue burn and bubble. I next started painting the surface with wax. Once the wax dried, I painted the surface with alcohol inks. When fused, I quickly passed a heat gun accross the surface. This creates a separation of ink and wax. I love the look of this, I wish you could see the separation better in the photo. I next keep building layers as described above, until I am satified with the wax and ink layers. I next added the tranfer rub ons, stamped quote and the metal elements fly. I then inked the edges and hightlighted areas with alcohol ink. Love doing this technique and will use it again.

" So Strong"

Here is the sketch 041710 for "So Strong" LO below.

This LO was created in Honor of my best friend.
She is one of the strongest, toughest and wonderful women
I know. Currently, her 7 year daughter is battling a brain tumor
as well as her father is battling with cancer. In addition she
lost a child 10 years ago. She is as strong as a rock and as sweet
as an early summer strawberry. "She got's faith there's no quit in her"
Whenever, I here the song I think of her
"So Strong" it describes her perfectly.
Here are the Lyrics that inspired!
this LO!
In her bare feet, white cotton dress
A ribbon holding back her curls
In a sweet gentle voice, she sings a lullaby
To two sleepy little girls
In the nightlight glow as her babies drift off
She looks so fragile, looks so so soft
She's strong
Solid as a rock
Like a lighthouse standing alone
She's strong got the world on her shoulders
She keeps carring on
She can take the heat, she can take the cold winter
She's got faith there's no quit in her
She's strong
Yeah so strong
There's a crayon picture says 'We love you mom'
She keeps it in a frame on her desk
There's a friend of a friend
Who calls now and then
But she's not ready just yet
She might get lonely in the still of the night
But she'll hold out till she knows it's right
And sometimes when nobody else is around
She gets down
And sometimes in a moment of weakness
A single tear falls, and that's all
She's strong
She's strong
She can take the heat she can take the cold winter
She's got faith there's no quit in her
She's strong
Yeah so strong
She's strong
Yeah so strong