Sunday, May 9, 2010

Easy Pretty Tissue Paper Flowers

Here is a tutorial for making tissue paper flowers. Not the tissue paper flowers we all made in elementary school. The flowers are really easy to make and end with a pretty result. The flowers are cheap and most likely you have all the supplies in your stash.
Supplies Needed
Floral Wire
Tissue Paper
Floral Tape
Ink Pad
11/2 inch styroform ball
Artifical stamens
Step 1
Attach 6-12 artifical stemens to a single piece of wire by
wrapping them around the wire with green floral wire.

Step 2
Cut five 4 by 2 inch pieces of tissue paper.

Step 3
To make the petal, wrap tissue paper 3/4 around a
1 1/2-inch craft styrofoam ball. Once you have wrapped
the tissue paper 3/4 of the way around the styrofoam ball,
twist both ends of the paper and remove the ball.

Step 4
Now, attach one end of the twists on the petal to the
base of the stamen with floral tape. Continue to add one
petal at a time until all five petals are attached to the
stemen and wire.

Step 5
Trim the pointed ends on the flower and gently pull petals
away from center. Arrange until you have the flower to
your liking. Gently add ink to the flower to achieve a more
3-D looking flower.

 Final Result
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