Sunday, December 20, 2009

Distressed Paper Christmas Poinsettia

Distressed Paper Christmas Poinsettia

Supplies you will need:

1. Durable paper.
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Ink pad
5. Wire Cutters
6. Wood Cooking Skewer or Reed Diffuser
7. Floral Wire
8. Floral Tape
9. Floral Sprays


Step One:

Draw two different size teardrop templates-the size is up to you. Cut out the templates
(These will be your flower petals)

Step Two:
Trace Seven big flower petals and six small flower petals. You should have a total of 13 petals. Now cut out the flower petals.
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Step Three
Cut 13 pieces of wire. Cut each piece of wire 6 inches long.
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Step Four:
Take one large flower petal and turn it over with the wrong side facing you.
Now apply glue to the entire petal.
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Step Five:
Place a piece of the 6 inch floral wire in the middle of the petal and secure again with a drop or two of glue. Next, take another large flower petal and place on top of the flower petal with the floral wire. You will be sandwiching the wire between two large flower petals.
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Step Six:
Smooth the flower petal with your fingers on both sides. You want to remove any air bubbles and secure the edges of the flower petals.

Step Seven:
To distress the edges of the flower petals, this will give the flower more dimension and richness of color. Use an ink pad to ink the edges of the flower petals.
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Step Eight:
Take a piece of 14 inch floral wire and fold in half. Leave a small loop where the wire bends/folds. Now thread three floral sprays through the loop. Once you have the floral sprays through the loop, bend upward and secure with a piece of floral tape.
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Step Nine:
Begin adding small the petals around the floral sprays. As you add a flower petal wrap a piece of floral tape around the bottom of the petal and wire stem. Continue to add all the petals around the floral sprays. Always add petals directly across from each other.
Once you have all the small petals added, repeat the steps with the large 7 flower petals..
A trick to getting floral tape to stick is pulling the tape as you wrap the tape around the wire.
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Step Ten:
Take the Cooking skewer and roll the tips of each petal downward. Once you have rolled
each flower, begin arranging and shaping the flower with your fingers.
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Step Eleven:
Take a yellow permanent marker and run gently across the floral sprays to color the
center of you poinsettia.

End result:
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