Monday, December 28, 2009

How do you define a decade? Is it a single moment in time? A story? A trend? An Invention Or An Event?

The first decade of this new millennium is coming fast to a close and a new decade dawns on us-it is only a few days away.

The first decade of the millennium has brought us blogs, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, Reality TV, 14,000 songs in a device the size of a credit card- IPod, You-Tube and Talking Cars.

But we also saw the fall of Twin Towers, The DC Sniper, terror alerts, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the lowest economy in 40 years, some of the most destructive Tsunamis and Earthquakes ever, two US president deaths, the first US African-American President and Hurricane Katrina.

What moment, trend or story defined this new decade you? Scrap it!

This is for a challenge that I am hosting. I plan to complete a LO in paper. This help get some of my ideas flowing.

If you are interested here is thelink:

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