Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sarah's and Lucy's Secret

This is my first attempt at box art. I have always been drawn to Joesph Cornell's boxed art, so I finally gave it a try. I loved creating this piece. I picked the box up at a locate thrift store and converted the box to fit my needs. The box is my personal story of my mother's maternal side of the family. The two big photos are of my great-great grandmothers Sarah and Lucy. The smaller photos are photos of my g-grandparents throughout different stages of their lives.
The top left square: Old teabags. Whenever I see old dried teabags they remind me of the wrapped medicine remedy bags used for healing.

Top Middle: Feathers, cornstalks and corn encased in wax. Symbols of NDN/Melungeon heritage.

The top right: A teaball. I happen to come accross this teaball one day long ago in an antique shop. I thought the design and color was beautiful, so I bought it. I have had the teaball stored away waiting for the right project.

The bottom left: A saltshaker I bought at an antique store. I thought the rusting and patina were so stunning.

The middle bottom: Wood and deer. The wood is from West Virginia. My family migrated from Delaware to West Virginia. The deer were and still are a big part of many of our family's diet-sacred animals.

The bottom right: Rusted shovel and coal. A occupation for many of my family members..I am a coal miner's daughter and granddaughter to a Redneck.

The bark wrapped around the photo: GGgrandmother Lucy was a well known medicine woman.

I lined the the interior and exterior box with paper and placed several layers of heavy wax over the entire box for a more vintage look. The wire was something I found in an old construction yard walking my dog a few months ago.
I used the "Passages" kit from Scraps of Darkness. This was the last bits of the kit. I loved the kit so much, I did not want the final pieces to go to waste. I loved using this kit and I am very sad that the kit has been completely used.......fabulous kit!

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