Sunday, July 11, 2010

Then and Now

This year was my 20th high school reunion-wow. This is the first high school reunion I have attended since graduation. I was hoping my friend Terry would attend, he did and it was nice seeing him after all these years. Terry and I were inseparable bestfriends all through grade and high school. I remember I felt the world would stop, whenever he and I were apart. It is amazing, the people we could not live without when we were seventeen, but now we only see evey 20 years. It was so great seeing Terry again after all these years. It felt like we were seventeen again, because Terry and I bonded again like it was 1990. I guess strong bonds never end-even after 20 years! The black and white photo was taken at prom "then", 1990 and the color photo is "now" 2010. I vow not to let another 20 years pass by without another reunion. Thank God for Facebook!

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