Monday, October 19, 2009

This is my first attempt at making roses, I was pretty happy with the end results. I will continue to work on perfecting the technique. This is a low cost solution to having beautiful flowers at hand for your scrapbook or craft projects. They are surprising easy to make and look amazing when completed. This is my first attempt at making distressed paper flowers. I took a stab my tearing apart a rose.

What you need...
To begin all you really need is some coffee filters, glue, paint, ink stamp, floral tape, small bead, acrylic paint, floral wire, paper punch, and scissors. The floral tape and stem wire are optional. The floral tape will help in adding and holding the completed flowers together.
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Step One:Cut out a petal and crumple.
Wet the coffee filter and crumble the filter into a tight ball squeezing the water out of the filter. Once you have the excess water out of the filter smooth out the filter. Lightly brush the filter with paint and crumble the filter back into a tight ball. Place the ball in the microwave until dry. Smooth out the crumbled dry filter and begin punching or cutting out hearts. The crumpling makes the paper more pliable.
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Step two: Wrap Bead
Fold the wire and thread the wire through the bead hole. Loop the wire around the bead and pull the wire through the bead until tight around the bead.

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Step three: Add glue.
Just add a small dab of glue to the bottom of bead adding one petal at a time. As you add the petals hold and pinch the flower to create the shape you want. Continue to add petals until you get the shape you want.

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Step Four: Continue adding petals.
Add petals to create a flower that is as big and open or as small and budded as desired. Add as many petal as you feel are sufficient. You can be as creative as you want. Experiment until you get the shape and size you want. Bend, fold and roll the tips.
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Step FiveSecuring the petals.
Pinch a little fold at the bottom of the paper to create a curved petal. Wrap a small piece of wire at the bottom to firmly secure the flower together. Now wrap the small piece of wire with floral tape. Use floral tape and wrap the bottom of the roses and the wire stem. A trick to getting floral tape to stick is pull the tape as you wrap the tape around the wire.
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Step Six: Adding Leaves
Cut at least three leaves, I choose to keep mine in one piece and slide the leaves to the bottom of the rose and glue into place.
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Step Seven:
Finishing touches.
Gently pinching and rolling the petal as you pull downward. Use a toothpick to separate the layers and shape the rose. Once you have the rose shaped use the ink stamp to tip the edges of the rose.

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Final Result:
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